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Production company and marketing agency TIM System assumed the leading market position in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the production of TV programmes and video and audio production in general.

Since 2011, on a weekly basis, we are fully producing three television series for BHT1 – Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Consumers’ Direction, Ekologika, and Farming Challenges. That is 148 television shows annually, making us the leading private production company of this kind.

From 2012 – 2018 we have conceived and produced a TV series Interview 20 with regional viewership, and we also have a number of quality documentaries in our portfolio

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"It takes years to build trust. Having trust is paramount. It is a look in the eye, a firm handshake, support.
The pleasure of a job well done. Our clients know that their faith in us is earned. And that is why they entrust us with it!"

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